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Natural Resource Land Planning
and Transactions


Programs and Clients
acquisition and sales strategy
Florida Forever
Preservation 2000
funding/grant sources identification
Conservation and Recreation Lands (CARL)
Florida Communities Trust (FCT)
project and site selection
Save Our Rivers/Water Management Districts
application preparation
Inholdings and Additions to
State Lands
ranking assistance
Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP)
real estate transactions
Florida Boating Improvement Program (FBIP)
land management
local land acquisition programs
(county, city)
land trusts
private individuals and corporations

Extensively involved in Florida's conservation land acquisition programs, MAI is experienced with all of the major land acquisition programs and their staffs at both state and regional levels. MAI helps public and private clients select the most favorable funding source for their land acquisition programs as well as for specific properties, and then coordinates the effort to secure these funds. Successful projects often include the active participation of clients, public and private supporting groups, and government agencies. Augmenting his 22-year relationship with land acquisition programs, Jim Muller has recently affiliated with Saunders Real Estate LLC and now offers real estate services to clients in public and private markets, specializing in natural resource lands.

MAI is active in Florida's Acquisition and Restoration Council process (successor to the CARL process). The Council selects lands for the Florida Forever/Board of Trustees program which has an annual acquisition budget of approximately $100 million. MAI prepares Florida Forever project proposals and facilitates ranking and acquisition for both public and private clients.

MAI participates in public land planning, use, and management issues such as management plans, compatible uses, and corridor placement. MAI prepares land management plans and shepherds them through the review process.

MAI also monitors the entire Florida Forever funding program. This initiative will provide $3 billion for land acquisition and management during the next 10 years to a variety of land acquisition programs, such as Florida Forever/Board of Trustees, Florida Communities Trust, and Water Management District land acquisition programs. MAI's in-depth knowledge of Florida Forever enhances our ability to match clients' needs with the most suitable program.

MAI is active in the Florida Communities Trust and Water Management District land acquisition programs, and prepares applications and guides them through the selection and acquisition processes. MAI also assists local governments to obtain grant funding through such programs as the Florida Recreation Development Assistance Program (FRDAP) and the Florida Boating Improvement Program (FBIP).

Private landowners and buyers engage MAI to facilitate natural resource-based land transactions. With Jim Muller conducting real estate transactions, MAI helps buyers decide what types of land to acquire for business or recreation purposes, then locates and evaluates the land tracts. For landowners wishing to sell, MAI evaluates the property and then locates potential buyers. Jim Muller works with the buyer and seller to finalize the deal. Transactions are tailored to the owners and buyers needs, from fee simple to a variety of less-than-fee alternatives, especially conservation easements.

Cypress Creek, St. Lucie County - land acquisition proposal coordinated by Muller and Associates, Inc.
(right and below)


Cypress Creek, St. Lucie County
1996 J. W. Muller. All Rights Reserved.

Cypress Creek, St. Lucie County
1997 J. W. Muller. All Rights Reserved.




Topsail Hill (right)

Topsail Hill
1988 J. W. Muller. All Rights Reserved.


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