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Information Management Consulting

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Throughout his tenure at the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI), Jim Muller participated in the continued development of FNAI's data system, a system used nationwide as well as at international locations. Quality assurance/quality control was one of Mr. Muller's areas of expertise. An active participant in spatial data issues and standards, he is familiar with many projects, data sets, and agency experts regarding spatial data. Jim was successful in obtaining funding for a Geographic Information System (GIS) for FNAI and directed the implementation and integration of the GIS into the existing data system. He was a founding board member of the Association for Biodiversity Information, now known as NatureServe, with members or contacts in all 50 states and Canadian and Latin American locations.

For those firms with the desire but not the time to document in-house information, MAI can work with you to build data bases that describe the information generated and in use by your staff. Inefficient and incorrect use of information can be avoided by documenting the information resources available in your company. Detailing the characteristics and limitations of available data is an important action to help ensure the correct application of the data.


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